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Kinect Green Screen

TweetThe Kinect has become the all-in-one sensor bar of choice for modders everywhere.  The ability for the Kinect to do facial and gesture recognition, sensing 3D under any ambient light condition, combined with a rapidly expanding hacker tools, has made … Continue reading

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New Story – Sagan’s Law

TweetI sold this story two years ago.  It was my first story on augmented reality and when the rights reverted back to me a few months ago, I wanted to give people a chance to read it again. Looking back … Continue reading

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Helen Papagiannis at TEDx

Tweet Helen Papagiannis opens her talk with a question: “Think about how you saw something new for the first time.”  She goes on to relate that to the magic of her augmented reality piece at the Ontario Science Centre and … Continue reading

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Writers of the Future

Tweet Storytelling is an art that changes with each medium.  I started my craft working on novel length stories, but a few years ago I realized that short stories offered a different challenge and as I like to always keep … Continue reading

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Sydney Town Hall Organ Augmented Reality Projection

TweetWe’ve come so far since the days of shadow puppets on the living room wall.

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Kinect Unleashed – Not Just For XBox Anymore

Tweet While Microsoft denies that the Xbox has been hacked, pure semantics I tell you, the new Kinect system has been unleashed for uses other than the ones planned by the giant of the redwoods. Adafruit Industries offered a $3,000 prize which … Continue reading

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A World Without Gatekeepers

TweetIt used to be that every industry had its gatekeepers. Music had the fat guys with cigars that Pink Floyd loved to sing about.  Factories had foreman that slapped each other on the back.  Corporations had bosses that controlled resources. … Continue reading

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Updating the Site

TweetBeen meaning to make adjustments to my website for a while now.  With the wife and kids in Boston for the week, I finally took the opportunity to play around (on the website!).  So if the website changes frequently and without warning, … Continue reading

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Anybots Rock!

TweetI’m positive my boss won’t let me have one, but it sure would be nice. What I’m speaking of is the Anybot telepresence robot from Anybots.  Linking up with your robot from any location in the world (with a connection of … Continue reading

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AirRaid – Social Augmented Reality Game

TweetThe production values on these indie game trailers boggle my mind. The game initially reminds me of Conquest, but with a lot more bells and whistles.  Clover Studios has brought together location based gaming and tower defense, which makes for … Continue reading

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