August 2, 2009 9:29 am

Thomas K. Carpenter

While Rouli posted this one on his weekly linkfest, I thought it was important enough to make mention of it here as well. 

Another reality browser has been announced, but this time from Metaio.  Their Metaio World application will be smartphone agnostic as they will support the iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian S60.  We’ve seen similar applications from other companies, but this one will have the option of adding 3D graphics to real places. 

Not a ton more announced about the product, but we can assume at minimum it’ll have all the features the other reality browsers have.  Hoping it’ll be ready by the iPhone OS 3.1 launch in September, but since its smartphone agnostic, it doesn’t need to wait for the iPhone to be relevant.   Looking forward to trying it out.

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