Triple AR Gaming Goodness

Tweet Playing games is intrinsic to our nature, so naturally, gaming is a great introduction to augmented reality. Below are three different ways augmented reality is being used to get our gaming fix. AR Invaders Shooter games were the first breakout, relatively speaking, for the nascent technology.  Yet I haven’t yet seen one that eliminates […]

Collectibles and Augmented Reality

TweetIt was only a matter of time.  Virtual goods make up a $1.4 Billion (that’s with a ‘B’ folks) business and the demand is growing.  We have Chinese gold farmers and Farmville exclusive goods, so augmented goods can’t be far behind. Right now augmented goods are tied to purchased toys as an “add-on.”  Metaio has […]

Augmented Reality Comes to World of Warcraft

TweetOkay, probably most of you have read the title and said, so what.  World of Warcraft is a game, and definitely not reality.  Though don’t tell that to the 11.5 million players worldwide. These “boss-kill” videos are common for the high-end guilds in WoW.  They use the videos as a recruiting tool for good players.  If you […]

Steal This Idea – Fan Movies

TweetMost people have never seen a fan movie, nor had they ever considered that armies of rabid fans would spend their time and hard earned money to make a film as homage. But they do.  Some use games like World of Warcraft to stage their movies and others use animation and the really serious use amateur […]

Creating the Cloud

TweetRouli and Ori have been churning great content faster than I can read it all.  The first is an expansive look at the various industries that might be revolutionized by AR.  The second is an interview with Ori Inbar from the UgoTrade.com site.  The interview is pretty long, and hits a lot of great points about […]

The Human User Interface

TweetA user interface, or UI, allows the user to control a system.  In the case of augmented reality, the tool we wish to control is the computer.  Much has been said about the four T’s of control – touch, type, talk and think; but I want to explore the information presented in the UI.  The […]