Rat Basketball

TweetCoincidentally, after I finished my post yesterday, I had an email in my inbox from a friend with a link to this article from The Daily Galaxy.  The article discusses a University of Florida study about using a BCI combined with learning algorithms to teach rats how to do a successively harder task.  The computer, […]

My Mind Has A Mind Of Its Own

TweetSometimes I wonder if thought controlled computers would be a bad thing.  During a business meeting daydream would I accidentally surf porn? Fortunately the technology doesn’t work like that yet.  But the technology for mind controlled computers (or brain-computer interface) is coming along.  Already three products exist or will soon exist on the market: the […]

Sign of the Singularity

TweetVernor Vinge, the mathematician and author, once predicted the technological singularity which states that computational technology once achieving a certain threshold would accelerate past human intelligence.  This possibility sounds like fiction, but it’s a concern serious technologists have voiced.  Recently, a team of researchers in Aberystwyth Univserity in Wales, created a robot that could formulate theories and […]