BMI Monkey Business

TweetIf you’ve been reading this blog awhile, you’ll know I have a fascination with brain-machine interfaces.  Both Toyota and Honda have developed thought controlled devices and there are a number of products on the market that can control your computer.  I believe “thought” controlled computers will be the future (maybe 2020?) because it will free […]

Rat Basketball

TweetCoincidentally, after I finished my post yesterday, I had an email in my inbox from a friend with a link to this article from The Daily Galaxy.  The article discusses a University of Florida study about using a BCI combined with learning algorithms to teach rats how to do a successively harder task.  The computer, […]

Brain-Twitter Breakthrough

TweetOne of the aspects of augmented reality is the human-computer interface that we will need to control our computers.  We use mouse and keyboard for our desk PCs, and touch for our iPhones, but those methods may become outdated as the technology advances. Last week a University of Wisconsin-Madison research team successfully posted to twitter with their mind.  The […]

The Brain-Computer Interface

TweetAspirin stocks up.  Logitech stocks down.  My carpal tunnel can’t wait for mind controlled computers, but I’ll probably only trade my Logitech mouse for a headache.  Today scientists at the Honda Research Institute unveiled a robot controlled by thought alone. In the video a large control unit behind the BMI user shows more finite control requires […]