Interview with Krista Goering

TweetLast fall I attended the Saturday Writers conference and listened to a talk given by Krista Goering from the Krista Goering Literary Agency LLC.  Krista enlightened us with the inner workings of the publishing industry.  This knowledge has been instructive as I have researched the effects of the newer digital distribution models like e-Books, print-on-demand and the […]

Espresso Book Machine

Tweet*click* That’s the sound of the publishing industry changing forever, irrevocably. I’ve explained in previous posts about waste in the publishing industry.  Once the Espresso Book Machine gains widespread use, the crime of unloved books dying on bookshelves and in warehouses should disappear.  The machine works like an ATM printing a book in less than five […]

Viva La Kindle2 Revolution

Tweet The Kindle2 is not revolutionary for the reasons you think. It’s sleek, stylish and has more features than you can shake a stick at. It allows for fast book downloads so you can start reading it before you’ve had your margarita refilled with your toes in the warm sand. The library of books has grown, […]