10 Games That Could Be Made with Layar 3.0

TweetThe new Layar 3.0release brings more functionality to the reality browser.  To help people envision what the service can do, Layar touts five new use-cases: Five Layar 3.0 Use-Cases 1) Architecture Showcase – Visualize the final building at a construction site. 2) Storytelling: Beatles Tour – A visual tour of forty-three locations in London involving […]

Layar 3.0 Publishing Site is Up

TweetInteresting options contained within the Layar 3.0 release.  Auto-trigger actions and POI-to-POI capability will help people make games and other products.  I’d love to see a good cheesy choose-your-own-adventure using real places and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy style zaniness.  Layar 3.0 Publishing Site is up The Layar Publishing site is up, with support for Layar […]