Short Fiction

Short Fiction Sales

GALAXY’S EDGE.  The Flavor of Sorrow.  January 2019.

MYSTERY WEEKLY MAGAZINE.  The Secrets of Skin.  October 2018.

FACTOR FOUR.  The Bee Who Would Not Dance.  July 2018.

GALAXY’S EDGE.  The Stylistic Unicorn Escapes Its Poster in a Seattle Teenager’s Bedroom.  March 2019.

DIABOLIC PLOTS YEAR THREE ANTHOLOGY.  The Entropy of a Small Town.  June 2018.

ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY MAGAZINE.  The Lightness of Man.  July/August 2018.

ALFRED HITCHCOCK MYSTERY MAGAZINE.  The Worth of Felines.  May/June 2018.

ABYSS & APEX.  Issue 64.  Bankrupt Memories of Auction.  October 2017.

DIABOLICAL PLOTS.  The Entropy of a Small Town.  Sept 2017.

GALAXY’S EDGE.  The Minotaur’s Wife.  Issue 22.

FICTION RIVER: DARKER REALMS.  July 2016.  Lost in the Tarnished Cube (reprint).

ABYSS & APEX.  Issue 58.  Three Moons of Earth.  April 2016.

STUPEFYING STORIES.  March 2017.  Irena Pestrovich.

STUPEFYING STORIES.  The Treaty of Kuiper.  Forthcoming.

FICTION RIVER: SPARKS, edited by Rebecca Moesta.  March 2016.  Timeless.

STAR CITIZEN.  JUMP POINT MAGAZINE.  Second Run: A Sorri Lyrax Story.  Spring 2016.

FICTION RIVER: RECYCLED PULP, edited by John Helfers.  November 2015.  Lost in the Tarnished Cube.

FICTION RIVER: PULSE POUNDERS, edited by Kevin J. Anderson.  January 2015.  Tower One.

STAR CITIZEN.  First Run: A Sorri Lyrax Story.  June 2014.

ELLERY QUEEN’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE.  The Trouble with Virgins.  February 2015.

ABYSS & APEX.  Issue 50.  With a Paper Heart.

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