Why Digital Matters

TweetWhy does digital matter?  I can download a song on iTunes or go pick up a CD at the local Best Buy.  It all ends up as music in my headphones.  It matters for the same reason that we’re in a major world-wide financial crisis right now–cash flow.  Businesses don’t go bankrupt because they’re not […]

Things with a Memory

TweetI heard an interesting story on NPR this week about a man who’d lost his dog-tags in 1951, and a young couple recently found and returned them to him.  No one knew what happened to the tags between 1951 and 2008, but everyone agreed they’d probably had an interesting journey.  Knowing the past of the […]

The Digital Green Movement

TweetAs I typed the title of the this post, I realized I’m really overdoing the word “digital”.  Can someone email me one hundred euphemisms for the word “digital”, so I don’t kill the word by post fifty.  Right. Moving on. As we heat up the world using carbon based fuels, we’re going to need to […]

Database of your Mind

TweetAs I explained in the previous post, the technology exists to control your computer with your mind using a neural actuator.  Eventually the development of this technology could lead to structured mind-computer language used for controlling the computer. It’s one thing to move a mouse based on your brain patterns, it’s a much harder prospect […]

A Use for the Other 90%

TweetIt’s often been said that we humans only use 10% of our potential brain matter.  Somedays I think that estimate is a tad high.  During the development of the concept of my novel I wondered about the control systems for an imbedded computer one sees through screens on the eyes.  Hand signals or typing seemed […]

A Digital World Awaits

TweetEverywhere we look, the processes and products that make up our lives are being turned digital.  The general medias that transfer information are slowly being absorbed by the digital mass called the internet.  The seemingly ubiqutious iPhone has opened up markets for products that didn’t exist a year ago.  Fast foward to the middle of the […]