Alexandrian Saga

Fires of Alexandria (Book One)









The greatest mystery of the ancient world remains the identity of who set fire to the Great Library in Alexandria. 

One hundred years later, Heron of Alexandria—the city’s most renown inventor and creator of Temple miracles—receives coin from a mysterious patron to investigate the crime. Desperate to be free of the debts incurred by her twin brother, she accepts and sets in motion a chain of events that will shake the Roman Empire and change the course of history forever. 

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Heirs of Alexandria (Book Two)









For 300 years it was believed Alexander the Great had no heir. 

The Roman armada descends on Alexandria. Friends flee, allies bicker, and foes multiply in the night. The fragile city-state teeters on the brink of annihilation. As the naval blockade looms and palace intrigue thickens, Heron must find the heir of Alexander the Great or nothing will stop the Romans from overrunning the wondrous city.

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Legacy of Alexandria (Book Three)









The secrets of the pyramids have been lost for two thousand years. 

While Agog courts the Parthians, Heron plans to build the largest pyramid the world has ever seen to fulfill Alexander the Great’s legacy. As Parthia’s demands grow increasingly arduous, Heron’s endeavors unleash hidden forces determined to destroy the fledgling pyramid and isolate the fragile city-state from gathering allies against Rome.

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Warmachines of Alexandria (Book Four)









Two hundred years before the Alexandrian revolution, the inventor Archimedes created unimaginable weapons to defend the city-state of Syracuse from Rome. 

Now, the Alexandrians must contend with an enraged Roman Empire intent on destroying the technologically advanced upstart. While Agog takes his army of steam chariots north, Heron must investigate rumors of ancient weapons thought too destructive for the battlefield. As they speed towards conflict with the undefeated Roman Legion, the Alexandrian side must make a demanding sacrifice to survive. 

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Empire of Alexandria (Book Five)









One hundred years after the murder of Julius Caesar, the circumstances of his death could change the course of the fledgling Alexandrian Empire. 

Left in charge of the treacherous Roman Senate while Agog heads north to deal with the traitor Marcus, Heron finds the game of politics maddening. Her constant missteps encourage a growing list of enemies while a mysterious benefactor proves too dangerous to trust. As the city races towards a political showdown, Heron must discover the truth about the murder of Julius Caesar—a death witnessed by hundreds and understood by few—before a perilous vote hands power back to the Romans. 

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Voyage of Alexandria (Book Six) 









For thousands of years, myths have told the stories of the beasts at the edge of civilization: krakens, cyclops, even the fearsome dragon. 

Now, Heron of Alexandria must confront those myths aboard Hoth the Black’s iron ship, the Jörmungandr, as they flee the remnants of the Roman navy bent on revenge. As she struggles to recover from her horrific injuries, and the repercussions of what happened in the Roman Senate, she must decide – once and forever – what she truly believes in.

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Goddess of Alexandria (Book Seven)

** Coming in Fall of 2014

9 Responses to Alexandrian Saga

  1. Hello,
    Just wanted to say hello and tell you I have started on your saga of Alexandria books. I would have to say this time period is my favorite to read about: Egyptian, Roman, the time of the great philosophers. My second favorite is the Civil War era.

    I have just started Fires of Alexandria and am enjoying it thoroughly. I have written down the order in which the books come so I do not read them in the wrong order. I got all the girls in the operating room where I work hooked on the Kay Scarpetta series but accidentally read the second book before the first as I just came across the book at a retail store.

    I am enjoying this book and look forward to reading the rest. Best wishes.

    Linda Webb

  2. Thomas K. Carpenter says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Linda. I do hope you enjoy the series!

    Warm regards,

  3. Lisa Macha says:


    Love the series. Read books 1 through 5 in 2 weeks. When is book #6 coming out? Above says May 2014, but I can’t find it. Excited to see what happens with Sepharia.

    Thanks much for a great read!


  4. Thomas K. Carpenter says:


    Thanks for stopping by! You’re in luck, the next book, Voyage of Alexandria, is all ready and just waiting on the final cover files. So it’ll be out by early next week (as in the 23rd). I hope you enjoy it.

    Warm regards,

  5. Robert Mäder-Kammer says:

    I just finished Voyage of Alexandria. The next book, Goddess of Alexandria is supposed to be out in Fall of 2014. It’s now 2 Oct 2014. Do you have a release date yet? I suppose it’s good that it hasn’t been released yet since I’ve just spent most of my spare time in the last 10 days reading books 1 to 6.

  6. Thomas K. Carpenter says:

    Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books. Goddess will be out in a couple of weeks and sometime in October for certain. If you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll let you know the moment it’s live. I’ll also put up a post here on my website.

  7. Catherine Dohling says:

    Heron is such an inspirational character. What a journey through to her total acceptance of just who Ada is. An empowering, female character. Can’t wait for the next in the series

  8. Nora Purcell says:

    Where do the short stories fit in?

  9. Thomas K. Carpenter says:

    The Magistrate Ovid stories all occur before the events of the Alexandrian Saga.

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