Surveillance Society – A Lesson for the OGI

On the heels of my post yesterday about the Outernet Guidance Initiative and the perils of data harvesting, I find this bit of flotsam foaming out of the datasphere.  Don’t be fooled by the lack of presentation fireworks or the bleary-eyed speaker reading his lines early in the morning without his cup of joe. 

The MobilHD system from Sensor Cast carpet-bombs an area with cameras for complete coverage.  The data is downloaded into a server that indexes the images into a dizzying array of statistics.  If you’re on the paranoid side of the data gathering scale, then this little piece of hardware will certainly set your sphincter to pucker. 

The specs on the system in question are gathering data in a generalized manner without attaching your personal ID, but with facial recognition software available it wouldn’t be hard to marry the two and create a gold mine of data harvesting. 

How much longer until we’re signing digital waiver forms when we enter the mall?  And Cory Doctorow’s gait-recognition hi-jinx for his protag from the book Little Brother don’t sound too far off.  

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