The Kingmaker Saga

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The Stone Tree (Book 1)

In a game with no end, how would you build your kingdom?

When Terran and his friends enter Kingmaker Saga, they're expecting a lifetime of adventure together, but a vengeful hag separates them, throwing their plans into disarray. Stuck in the unrelenting wilderness of the Rockleaf Forest and tracked by a dangerous Spirit Bear, Terran must find a way to survive.

Realizing this world is nothing like he expected, Terran must push himself to develop new skills, find a way to reunite with his friends, and defeat the hidden forces moving quickly to destroy his new home.

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The Crystal Bard (Book 2)

An army gathers determined to destroy the Mother Tree. 

The Trio are planning a second, larger attack and Terran knows they will have to stop it before it reaches the walls of Gneiss Glenn. But without the help of his friends and only low level elves to muster a defense, the chances of success are slim.

The settlement's only hope is the legend of the Crystal Bard, a powerful elven warrior who uses their voice to rain destruction upon their enemies. But there hasn't been a Crystal Bard in hundreds of years, and even if Terran did have the perfect pitch required, his troubled past haunts him. As Terran and the Rock Leaf elves run out of options, he must find a way to overcome his stage fright, or the Trio and the hidden force behind them, will destroy the Mother Tree and his shot at reuniting with his friends forever.

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