The Animalians Hall Series

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Wild Magic (Book 1)

There are many ways to die at the Hundred Halls.

Pax Nygard has spent her childhood at the world's most dangerous zoo, and has a psychic fox named Kali as her companion, so she should be well prepared for the challenges that await her at the Animalians Hall. But when mysterious deaths at the local zoo and a dangerous rival create issues, she realizes it's the two legged kind of creature for which she lacks the skills to interact. If she can't learn to navigate the intricacies of human drama, while mastering the skills the hall teaches, then it will be her final year—in school and life.

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Bane of the Hunter (Book 2)

Every Hunter has a bane—but not everyone survives the hunt.

In the city of sorcery, a dangerous beastie is on the loose, killing the unwary, but Pax and her friends are forbidden to investigate. As she throws herself into becoming a Hunter, which include perilous visits to backwater Fae training grounds, she suspects that her professor and the new kid aren't telling the truth about their tragic pasts. As the year progresses, Pax's concerns about the killer escalate, until she's drawn into a final hunt that will lead to at least one of their number not surviving the year.

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