Augmented Reality Year in Review – 2009

TweetThe year 2009 has been an important milestone in the development of augmented reality as an important future technology.  While markers and marketing campaigns captured the early interest of the year, the bigger story was the porting of augmented reality to the various smartphones in the second half.  But those two generalities aren’t the only thing […]

Fashionista AR Dressing Room from Zugara

TweetToday RichRelevance and Zugara unveiled Fashionista, a social shopping experience using augmented reality on Tobi.  While they still have the dreaded marker (for setting spatial coordinates), the motion capture controls and usefulness of home shopping make up for its brief appearance.      SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RichRelevance™ and Zugara today unveiled Fashionista™, a new social shopping […]

Augmented Reality Scale Update (Reality Recognition)

TweetAbout a month ago, I proposed an augmented reality scale to help us define different applications of the technology.  While the post received good feedback, I felt that it could use more refinement.  This update will define the scaling between 1 and 10 for the Reality Recognition axis.  This will help others use it, as […]

Sing Along with Sean Kingston

Tweet Augmented reality will bring new and interesting ways to embarrass ourselves.  Really.  The 19-year old reggae singer, Sean Kingston, has an upcoming album “Tomorrow,” due out September 22nd, that will include an AR marker in the CD case to be used for a karaoke session with Lil Sean.  Fans will get to sing along on […]

10 Things Your AR App Must Have to Succeed

TweetWith the iPhone OS 3.1 launch set to debut next month, I wanted to explore the features that are going to help make some AR apps succeed over others.  We’re going to be seeing a spike of releases since many have been working towards this moment waiting for the iPhone to become AR enabled, so […]

Zugara’s Cannonballz AR Game

TweetUsing AR and motion capture, along with a little social networking via Facebook, Zugara brings us a new AR game called Cannonballz.  The game play is relatively simple, but it starts to show us what’s possible using AR and motion capture (ala Natal) on the webcam.  The fun of it will be posting it to […]