Bruce Sterling Is Wrong About Augmented Reality

TweetBruce Sterling is wrong about Augmented Reality. First off, I want to express that I have the utmost respect for Bruce Sterling as both a writer and a visionary.  As a longtime fan of cyberpunk and science fiction in general, Bruce has been a part of the pantheon of authors I regularly visit.  And as […]

The Myth of Creativity

TweetPerhaps I should title this post, The Myth of the Muse, because that’s really what I’m going to talk about.   As a writer, a blogger, or as an engineer, I am on occasion asked how I come up with my ideas.  The questioner usually prefaces my answer by stating that it is probably: my […]

ISMAR09: Manufacturing Discussion

Tweet ISMAR09 Sympsium & Expo is right around the corner and I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be not only attending ISMAR09, but I will be presenting during the Manufacturing section on Monday and joining the panel discussion as a representative of Toyota.  I’ll be reviewing the possibilities of augmented reality in an industrial setting, including a project that […]

Will BMW Augmented Reality Glasses Really Work?

TweetFor some reason this augmented reality video from a couple of years ago is making the rounds again on various blogs and even Gizmondo is reporting it as fresh news.  Since its resurfaced, as a fellow car engineer for Toyota, I’ve decided to address some of the challenges to making a system like this really […]

AR & Education

TweetOne of the most promising uses of augmented reality is in the field of education.  While some might think that using AR for education is just a gimmick designed to trick kids into learning, there is a scientific basis for why using visual information is important.  Communication occurs through our senses.  We have five senses, […]

The AR Hub

TweetWhile I’ve only recently joined the AR conversation, Ori at Games Alfresco, and Rouli at Augmented Times, have been promoting AR for the last year.  Rouli announced this week they will be combining forces to help create a central clearinghouse for AR information.  And I for one welcome our new AR overlords.  Seriously, I think this […]

AR for Industry

TweetToday I had a nice phone conferance with Thomas and Jan from Metaio.  Jan is the author of the Augmented Reality Blog.  Jan had contacted me after reading my writeup about the use of AR in manufacturing based on a Microsoft video.  Thomas is one of their designers and has experience with automotive manufacturing.  And I’m looking […]

More Philosophy for Entrepreneurs

TweetTim Ferriss on his popular Four Hour Work Week blog, had an interested guest post about the practical use of philosophy in business from Ryan Holiday.  Ryan focuses on the branch of philosophy called Stoicism.  I’m not going to further dissect his excellent analysis and application of the philosophy, but I would like to challenge his assertion that […]