Why Write About Augmented Reality?

TweetBesides the immediate surly replies of “Because” or “Why not?” (my parental mind is leaking through here), I think it’s an interesting question and one I’ve encountered before, including a recent tangential discussion in the comments section about AR and eBooks. So far I’ve written five novels and twelve short stories utilizing augmented reality and have […]

10 Cool Things Going On Right Now in Augmented Reality

TweetAugmented reality has come a long way in a years time.  Last year I got excited by research projects and gimmicky AR webcam advertising, but that quickly faded on the tenth plus iteration.  It wasn’t until July that we starting having real AR products in the form of apps.  Nearly a year later and still […]

Augmented Reality Year in Review – 2009

TweetThe year 2009 has been an important milestone in the development of augmented reality as an important future technology.  While markers and marketing campaigns captured the early interest of the year, the bigger story was the porting of augmented reality to the various smartphones in the second half.  But those two generalities aren’t the only thing […]

UgoTrade Interview with Thomas Wrobel

TweetYesterday UgoTrade posted a discussion of Thomas Wrobel’s proposal called, “Everything Everywhere: A proposal for an Augmented Reality Network system based on existing protocols and infrastructure.”  If you’ve been following along recent AR debates , you’ll know that Thomas is a frequent contributor to the discussion under his moniker – Darkflame.  Thomas has been offering […]