Reviews for The Digital Sea

TweetSince the publication of The Digital Sea back in January, I’ve been rather busy.  I finished the first draft of my alt-history novel The Fires of Alexandria, gotten my YA speculative fiction novel Gamers ready for publication (hopefully to be released in a week) and started on book two for The Digital Sea trilogy – […]

I’ve Seen Things…

TweetCertain lines from books and movies haunt me forever.  While I can’t remember if this was in the book, it’s been a while since I’ve read, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the inspiration for the movie Blade Runner, it still gets me.  You never see any of the images Rutger Hauer’s character describes, but they […]

A New Cover – Sagan’s Law

TweetPeople really do judge a book by its cover.  I’m a cover snob myself.  Unless I know the author’s work already, a cover will make or break my buying decision in the bookstore after reading the premise.  Hell, I won’t even read the premise if I don’t like the cover.  It doesn’t make sense, but […]

New Short Story: The Unbelievers

TweetThrough my publisher, Black Moon Books, I’m pleased to be releasing another short story: The Unbelievers. I’ll hit you with a description of the novelette first. Power exists through the illusion of belief… Stephen’s sister dies slowly from a wasting disease and only the mysterious Unbelievers offer help if he will deny the “false reality” […]

Why Write About Augmented Reality?

TweetBesides the immediate surly replies of “Because” or “Why not?” (my parental mind is leaking through here), I think it’s an interesting question and one I’ve encountered before, including a recent tangential discussion in the comments section about AR and eBooks. So far I’ve written five novels and twelve short stories utilizing augmented reality and have […]

Books I’m Looking Forward To Reading In 2011

TweetBeing a writer naturally means I’m a lover of books, right?  Well, not necessarily as some writers strangely avoid reading the genres they write in for fear of being tainted.  I find that reading books, besides the enjoyment of them, instructs and informs me to my craft.   So I fall into the category of […]

Football and a Chapter

TweetThe last few weeks have been hectic.  I’ve finished five shorts, including a requested story for an anthology, and finished the latest edits on my most recent novel Gamers.  I still have to type in the edits and write my submission package, but that shouldn’t be too bad, just time consuming. So after an afternoon […]

New Story – Sagan’s Law

TweetI sold this story two years ago.  It was my first story on augmented reality and when the rights reverted back to me a few months ago, I wanted to give people a chance to read it again. Looking back on it, I see the influences of Gibson and our very own augmented reality prophet, […]