Five “Heron of Alexandria”Stories

TweetAfter I finished the first book in the Alexandrian Saga – Fires of Alexandria, I had a neat little idea: to write short prequel stories about Heron solving crimes and mysteries around the city. The idea wasn’t such a stretch.  In each book, Heron is tasked with (or takes on) a major mystery that has […]

New Release – Mirror Shards: Volume Two

TweetIf you like augmented reality, stories about augmented reality, or just plain old good stories then the second volume of Mirror Shards anthology might be for you.  It was a real joy to put together this collection of stories.  The exceptional authors outdid themselves exploring  AR while giving us vivid characters and heart-wrenching tales. BEWARE! […]

New Short Story – The Maestro

TweetI’m pleased to release another short story for your enjoyment.  The Maestro was written a few years ago as a “starter” story for a novel that I was contemplating about aliens and augmented reality.  The novel, Ghost and the Nether, will be released sometime this summer or fall (depending on my other projects.) The Maestro […]

New Story – The Cageless Zoo

TweetWriters are like mothers.  They claim that they love each of their children the same, except they really have a secret favorite they love slightly more than the rest.  While I love all my stories, this story, The Cageless Zoo, is the one secretly give extra treats to when the others aren’t looking. You can […]

A Collection of Fantastic Books and Stories

TweetOne of the perks of being a writer is being friends with other writers.  I often get to read novels and stories before they’re published and cheer them on when they are.  The writers I regularly chat with about the craft and business of writing are a talented and diverse bunch. Because I like to […]

A New Cover – Sagan’s Law

TweetPeople really do judge a book by its cover.  I’m a cover snob myself.  Unless I know the author’s work already, a cover will make or break my buying decision in the bookstore after reading the premise.  Hell, I won’t even read the premise if I don’t like the cover.  It doesn’t make sense, but […]

New Short Story: The Unbelievers

TweetThrough my publisher, Black Moon Books, I’m pleased to be releasing another short story: The Unbelievers. I’ll hit you with a description of the novelette first. Power exists through the illusion of belief… Stephen’s sister dies slowly from a wasting disease and only the mysterious Unbelievers offer help if he will deny the “false reality” […]

New Story – Sagan’s Law

TweetI sold this story two years ago.  It was my first story on augmented reality and when the rights reverted back to me a few months ago, I wanted to give people a chance to read it again. Looking back on it, I see the influences of Gibson and our very own augmented reality prophet, […]