Augmented Reality Birthday Card

TweetThe birthday card in the video is unremarkable by augmented reality standards.  However, I think it does open up an interesting business opportunity for someone who can weasel their way into bed with a big name greeting card producer like Hallmark.  I’ll explain more: The example in this video uses a standard marker for displaying […]

Steal This Idea – Easy AR

TweetRecently we’ve seen AR business cards from both James Alliban and Jonas Jager (via Rouli).  My purpose is not to debate which AR business card service is better–they’re both proof of concepts at this point–but to point out there is a real market need for simple AR services.  Consider that James has seen his website […]

AR Business Card Request

TweetJames Alliban posted his augmented reality business card video on his blog.  This isn’t a new idea (I believe Ori’s the first person I’ve heard mention one, but he might know if anyone had done it earlier than that), but James shows his programming chops with the 3D video presentation of his credentials. I’m not […]

Steal This Idea – AR Billboards

TweetIf you’re walking around a major metropolitan area and you see this sign are you going to be intrigued enough to download the free app and see what it is?                   I think most people, assuming they have an iPhone (or Android or Pre), will be curious […]

Steal This Idea!

TweetIt’s official.  I can’t get excited about AR marketing campaigns or AR products that don’t do anything.  I need an invisible creature on my desk that I can only see on my iPhone as much as I need a set of bowling pins.  But I’m not going to sit here and complain about that.  Instead […]