New Release — Legacy of Alexandria

TweetI’m a cruel and heartless person.  This book has been the hardest of the series to write (so far), but my first readers tell me it’s their favorite.  I can’t decide if they’re more sadistic for enjoying the difficult times that Heron and the others endure in this book, or I am for writing it. […]

GAMERS – Free on Kindle

TweetTis the season to be giving.  Rather than buy you a shiny new Porsche, which would just suck up gas and insurance money, I’m giving you an eternal gift–a book.  For the holidays, and a little beyond, my young adult dystopia novel Gamers will be free on Amazon (and a few other select sites).   […]

New Release — Frags

Tweet The second book in the Gamers trilogy — Frags — is now available just in time for the holidays.  If you haven’t read the first book in the Gamers trilogy, go pick up a copy now at your favorite retailer.  The trilogy has been compared to a cross between the Hunger Games and the Uglies […]

New Story – The Cageless Zoo

TweetWriters are like mothers.  They claim that they love each of their children the same, except they really have a secret favorite they love slightly more than the rest.  While I love all my stories, this story, The Cageless Zoo, is the one secretly give extra treats to when the others aren’t looking. You can […]

A Collection of Fantastic Books and Stories

TweetOne of the perks of being a writer is being friends with other writers.  I often get to read novels and stories before they’re published and cheer them on when they are.  The writers I regularly chat with about the craft and business of writing are a talented and diverse bunch. Because I like to […]

Wrangling with eBook Data

TweetLast week at the Dean & Kris workshops, the topic of dealing with ebook data came up from a number of the participants.  The various epub sites will dump data into Excel for accounting and tracking purposes, but once a writer starts getting hundreds of entries a month (or hundreds of thousands in Amanda Hocking’s […]

The Digital Sea – Now Available

TweetI’d always thought that writing the novel was the longest part of the publishing process.  Little did I know that publishing it would take about five times as long as writing it.  Still, good things come to those who wait, and I’m proud to announce the digital release of my novel The Digital Sea. For […]