New Story – The Stylized Unicorn Escapes Its Poster in a Seattle Teenager’s Bedroom

TweetAs some of you may have heard me crow about on social media, my story “The Stylized Unicorn Escapes Its Poster from a Seattle Teenager’s Bedroom” is currently out in Issue #37 of Galaxy’s Edge. It’s one of my favorite stories that I’ve written for a variety of reasons. It’s received good reviews so far. […]

New Release — The Sky Mother’s Gift

TweetI’ve been so buried lately with my writing (this is a good thing) and getting books two and three of the Alexandria Saga into an acceptable publishing state that I’ve barely had time to remember to let everyone know about my new stories.  This story is a straight-up science fiction novelette (though a bit of […]

AR Short Story – Sagan’s Law

TweetThe first of a trio of short stories I penned earlier this year has made its way to publication.  It’s the shortest of the three, but I’m pleased with the result.  The story “Sagan’s Law” has been published in Issue #11 of Fusion Fragment.  This is a taste of what they usually publish, if you’re into […]