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More Fun with Quadrotors

TweetMore quadrotor fun and with ALL the math.  Vijay Kumar explains how they work and what the possibilities are for their use.  As for me, I’m putting them in my latest novel.  Swarm! Note: The video is seventeen minutes long, … Continue reading

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Robots Need Augmented Reality Too

Tweet The object recognition portion of augmented reality is a little like that hand-held label printer that you got when you were a kid and then went crazy putting tags on everything in your room.  Did you really need to … Continue reading

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Sign of the Singularity

TweetVernor Vinge, the mathematician and author, once predicted the technological singularity which states that computational technology once achieving a certain threshold would accelerate past human intelligence.  This possibility sounds like fiction, but it’s a concern serious technologists have voiced.  Recently, a … Continue reading

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The Brain-Computer Interface

TweetAspirin stocks up.  Logitech stocks down.  My carpal tunnel can’t wait for mind controlled computers, but I’ll probably only trade my Logitech mouse for a headache.  Today scientists at the Honda Research Institute unveiled a robot controlled by thought alone. In … Continue reading

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