Augmenting Aerial Earth Maps With Dynamic Information

TweetThe Georgia Instituite of Technology will be presenting at ISMAR09 on “Augmenting Aerial Maps with Dynamic Information from Videos.”  They have released a video and a website on their project.  Their stated their goals are: Abstract We introduce methods for augmenting aerial visualizations of Earth (from tools such as Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth) […]

Core Tools for Augmented Reality

TweetIn this video Simon Wynda (I’m guessing at the spelling) gives a Core Tools for Augmented Reality demo.  This demo was featured at the Microsoft Research Cambridge Lab on May 6th. Simon demonstrates a geospatial AR application that recognizes its location from images and GPS data.  Location notes are annotated in the view in one […]

Warping Augmented Reality

TweetOnce again, Rouli at the Augmented Times has found another interesting set of videos.  This time displaying a fascinating advance in augmented reality.  So far, all AR, markerless or not, has been confined to using a 2D flat space as its jumping off point.  The 3D shape can be anywhere based on the coordinate system the […]

Sign of the Singularity

TweetVernor Vinge, the mathematician and author, once predicted the technological singularity which states that computational technology once achieving a certain threshold would accelerate past human intelligence.  This possibility sounds like fiction, but it’s a concern serious technologists have voiced.  Recently, a team of researchers in Aberystwyth Univserity in Wales, created a robot that could formulate theories and […]