ARtisan 1.0 Launch

TweetOneZeroThrice has released ARtisan, an augmented reality library for developers.  The goal of ARtisan is stated as: ARtisan is a front end and management system for FLARToolkit and Papervision3D. The goal of ARtisan is to facilitate developers in creating rich, browser based augmented reality environments, without having to know the inner workings of marker detection. […]

Metaio Unifeye Design Demo1.0 Review #2

TweetLast week I showed a brief demonstration of the Metaio Unifeye Design Demo1.0.  The goal of the demonstration was to show how non-programmers could get started on the software.  The crew at Metaio sent me more information on the software, giving me more options of what I could do.   Today’s video shows these new (not […]