Bruce Sterling Is Wrong About Augmented Reality

TweetBruce Sterling is wrong about Augmented Reality. First off, I want to express that I have the utmost respect for Bruce Sterling as both a writer and a visionary.  As a longtime fan of cyberpunk and science fiction in general, Bruce has been a part of the pantheon of authors I regularly visit.  And as […]

I’ve Seen Things…

TweetCertain lines from books and movies haunt me forever.  While I can’t remember if this was in the book, it’s been a while since I’ve read, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the inspiration for the movie Blade Runner, it still gets me.  You never see any of the images Rutger Hauer’s character describes, but they […]

TV Trickery with Augmented Reality

TweetWe’re a long way from fooling the man on the street, but augmented reality may soon play trickery on your TV screens.  This video montage combining scenes from movies like The Running Man and Wag the Dog; and bits of real-time AR from the last few years makes for a convincing argument about the future […]

Augmented Reality Magic Trick

TweetSo I know Jan covered this over at the Augmented Reality Blog, but I thought it was such a great video I wanted to show it and talk about it here.  First please watch the video because its a great piece of entertainment and it certain stretches the imagination of what is possible with AR. […]