Virtual Sandbox (Sim City Meets Augmented Reality)

TweetA group of students at the National University of Singapore has developed an AR game similar to Sim City using VRML and ARToolKit. Virtual Sandbox is an educational software targeted at kids between the ages of 4-6. It provides children with an interactive learning environment for the learning of English vocabulary. By combining the concepts of […]

10 Things Your AR App Must Have to Succeed

TweetWith the iPhone OS 3.1 launch set to debut next month, I wanted to explore the features that are going to help make some AR apps succeed over others.  We’re going to be seeing a spike of releases since many have been working towards this moment waiting for the iPhone to become AR enabled, so […]

ARtisan 1.0 Launch

TweetOneZeroThrice has released ARtisan, an augmented reality library for developers.  The goal of ARtisan is stated as: ARtisan is a front end and management system for FLARToolkit and Papervision3D. The goal of ARtisan is to facilitate developers in creating rich, browser based augmented reality environments, without having to know the inner workings of marker detection. […]

Steal This Idea – The Marble Run

TweetIf you’ve ever bought a marble run, rollercoaster or any other type of plastic track that requires hours of set up and falls to pieces at the wrong touch, then you’ll appreciate this idea.  Last week, my wife and kids set up a marble run in our living room.  It took hours to set up […]

AR Shooter – WARGame

TweetTim Verbelen and Pieter Dhondt have brought us the results of their MSc thesis.  In the video they take the concept of a FPS (First Person Shooter) like Doom or Quake and apply it to the real world.  Using materials available to them like papervision and Wii controllers, they were able to put on an […]

Steal This Idea!

TweetIt’s official.  I can’t get excited about AR marketing campaigns or AR products that don’t do anything.  I need an invisible creature on my desk that I can only see on my iPhone as much as I need a set of bowling pins.  But I’m not going to sit here and complain about that.  Instead […]

The Path to Augmented Vision

TweetAugmented Vision will be available in 2015. Am I prophetic?  Delusional?  Or merely guessing?  How does an deluded prophetic hand-waving guess sound? The reality is the development of complex systems like Augmented Vision will take something more than putting the various technologies together.  AV will require a change in the zeitgeist similar to the iPhone.  […]