Maxcware AR Glasses Project

TweetA few months ago Staffan Dryselius made a splash on Team Hack-a-Day with his DIY data glasses.  Since then he’s been working with a team to improve his design and would like to form a larger partnership with anyone interested in working on or owning a pair of AR glasses.  Having a working HMD for augmented […]

10 Cool Things Going On Right Now in Augmented Reality

TweetAugmented reality has come a long way in a years time.  Last year I got excited by research projects and gimmicky AR webcam advertising, but that quickly faded on the tenth plus iteration.  It wasn’t until July that we starting having real AR products in the form of apps.  Nearly a year later and still […]

Augmented Reality Year in Review – 2009

TweetThe year 2009 has been an important milestone in the development of augmented reality as an important future technology.  While markers and marketing campaigns captured the early interest of the year, the bigger story was the porting of augmented reality to the various smartphones in the second half.  But those two generalities aren’t the only thing […]

X-Ray Vision Utilizing Surveillance Cameras

TweetIn comic books, Superman had all his powers naturally and Batman got his through gadgets and sheer force-of-will.  Using the equipment (altogether not very portable for superheros) shown in the video, you can have Superman-like powers with Batman-like gear.  This amazingly cool gadget comes from Yoshinari Kameda, Taisuke Takemasa and Yuichi Ohta from the University […]

6 “Nearest X” Augmented Reality Apps and 5 Ways to Improve

TweetNow that the OS 3.1 is upon us we’re seeing a few more augmented reality apps and some of them are in the category of the “Nearest X” variety.  I’m not saying these apps are necessarily a bad thing, but my fear is that they’ll crash the market as a gimmick and not try to solve […]

Augmenting Aerial Earth Maps With Dynamic Information

TweetThe Georgia Instituite of Technology will be presenting at ISMAR09 on “Augmenting Aerial Maps with Dynamic Information from Videos.”  They have released a video and a website on their project.  Their stated their goals are: Abstract We introduce methods for augmenting aerial visualizations of Earth (from tools such as Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth) […]

Another Astronomy AR App

TweetSimilar to Sky Map, this iPhone 3GS app (needs the compass to function properly) gives you complete knowledge of the night sky.  Though technically you can use it in daylight or in your living room and get the same results.  While some might not consider it AR (I do, but only tenuously), it does interact […]

More Nokia “Point and Find”

TweetA few months ago, Rouli brought us a video and some information about Nokia’s “Point and Find.”  The product at the time could scan movie posters or bar codes to give the user more information.   Today they released more information about “Point and Find” world-building. I believe the world building product is targeted to other companies […]


TweetI’m typing this post on my kids computer since my motherboard crashed on mine.  I had some more in-depth posts planned, but until I can get my computer up and running (new MB is currently installed and now partitioning the hard drive), I’m just going to throw out some interesting links.  Hopefully tomorow I can […]