Augmented Reality Year in Review – 2009

TweetThe year 2009 has been an important milestone in the development of augmented reality as an important future technology.  While markers and marketing campaigns captured the early interest of the year, the bigger story was the porting of augmented reality to the various smartphones in the second half.  But those two generalities aren’t the only thing […]

The Telepathy Interface

TweetOur great-grandchildren won’t remember a time they couldn’t use telepathy across the ARNet.  Just like children today can’t fathom a world without text messaging.  Neuroscience researchers at the University of Berkeley can translate recorded patterns of neural activity into which pictures from a sample grouping a subject is seeing.  In simpler terms–they can read your […]

Brain-Twitter Breakthrough

TweetOne of the aspects of augmented reality is the human-computer interface that we will need to control our computers.  We use mouse and keyboard for our desk PCs, and touch for our iPhones, but those methods may become outdated as the technology advances. Last week a University of Wisconsin-Madison research team successfully posted to twitter with their mind.  The […]