Music for The Digital Sea

TweetYou might be wondering, based on the title of this post, if I have a soundtrack for my novel The Digital Sea.  That would be ludicrous, of course.  But, wow, it would be cool.  Music is an integral part of my lifelong experience with books.  I have at time read certain books or series while listening […]

Lost Valentinos – Augmented Reality Music Video Project

TweetLost Valentinos achieves a World First! Okay, I couldn’t help that.  Maybe I spent too much time in my 20s and 30s playing MMORGs.  What is this World First that I speak of?  The band Lost Valentinos is using augmented reality to help get their name out.  It’s a World First for, in the managing […]

Voodoo Experience Augmented Reality App

TweetThe music festival experience can be quite overwhelming with copious drinks, flickering lights and nose curdling levels of patchouli in the air.  Add Caribbean voodoo, the masked hooligans of Halloween and the general craziness of New Orleans, and you’ll wish you had a guide back to your friends at the Silversun Pickups stage when you wandered […]

Steal This Idea – Piano Teacher

TweetLearning the piano takes years of practice and dedication.  But the benefits are huge.  Learning an instrument can pay dividends for a child’s spatial and math skills.  Augmented reality could help reduce the cost and improve the student’s involvement in the process.  By using a projector viewscreen combined with simple motion recognition, one could reduce […]

The 5 Browns

TweetWhile I’m not avid classical listener, I’m familiar with some of the major pieces and composers, and have on rare occasion gone to the symphony.  Because my children and wife are all learning piano through the Suzuki method, we learned about the 5 Browns.  Last night the family saw the 5 Browns at Powell Hall in […]