Minority Report Interface Using Kinect

TweetThe movie Minority Report is often cited as an example and an inspiration for augmented reality.  The Microsoft Kinect is bringing that movie magic to the living room. It uses the Kinect sensor from Microsoft, and the recently released libfreenect driver for interfacing with the Kinect in linux. The graphical interface and the hand detection software were written […]

Kinect Unleashed – Not Just For XBox Anymore

Tweet While Microsoft denies that the Xbox has been hacked, pure semantics I tell you, the new Kinect system has been unleashed for uses other than the ones planned by the giant of the redwoods. Adafruit Industries offered a $3,000 prize which was collected by “Hector” for completing the task.  The hacking was important enough to get […]

Augmented Reality in Photo Booth

TweetThe interesting part of the video comes after the three minute mark.  It appears the software uses face tracking to achieve the special effects and it looks rather robust.  The kitty mask makes me wonder if furries are using these programs already in their video chats.  And how long will it be until live feeds of […]

Core Tools for Augmented Reality

TweetIn this video Simon Wynda (I’m guessing at the spelling) gives a Core Tools for Augmented Reality demo.  This demo was featured at the Microsoft Research Cambridge Lab on May 6th. Simon demonstrates a geospatial AR application that recognizes its location from images and GPS data.  Location notes are annotated in the view in one […]

Can AR Help Manufacturing?

TweetI found this interesting video from Microsoft about how AR could be used in a manufacturing environment, and specifically in the car business.  Currently, I am a Manager of Quality and Engineering at a Toyota facility here in the US, so I have my own take on what AR can do for manufacturing. The video […]