Interview with Esquire Magazine about Augmented Reality Issue

TweetOn TODAY, Meredit Vieira talked with Esquire’s David Granger about their November augmented reality issue.  David shows off the AR portion of the magazine on the show and talks about why Esquire chose to use the nascent technology. David believes the use of AR helps get people excited about the magazine, enhances its content, but […]

Another Augmented Reality Business Card

TweetSo it’s another augmented reality business card.  This time from the company Genuine Interactive.  The use of a 3D video landscape within the augment is cute, but there’s one major flaw with this application.  It requires the use of a PC.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for the AR business card.  I even requested one.  […]

The Rocket Cow Augmented Reality Business Card

TweetIt’s not really an another augmented reality business card.  In fact, it looks like the team at FullSix just printed a marker on the back of a standard card.  Yet I found the video strangely entertaining and yearned to have my own rocket cow to pilot onto fluffy croissant landing pads.  While the video doesn’t […]

Sing Along with Sean Kingston

Tweet Augmented reality will bring new and interesting ways to embarrass ourselves.  Really.  The 19-year old reggae singer, Sean Kingston, has an upcoming album “Tomorrow,” due out September 22nd, that will include an AR marker in the CD case to be used for a karaoke session with Lil Sean.  Fans will get to sing along on […]

Can We At Least Have A Reason To Use AR?

TweetClearly who ever made this augmented reality campaign didn’t read this post. Not only are they repeating what’s been done a hundred times already, but the technology tie-in has absolutely no point.  Star Trek Enterprise in your room, sure, I get that.  Star Trek is science fiction and AR is a bit holographic so it […]

Blink 182 Concert on Your Doritos Bag

TweetWhile the GE AR campaign is probably the most successful viral campaign so far, I think the upcoming Doritos AR campaign with the rock/punk band Blink 182 has the potential to surpass.  A special symbol on a limited edition bag will be used as a marker for the concert that will be played in your […]

Zugara Social Shopper

TweetZugara brings us the next installment of AR shopping.  The company is an advertising agency that uses interactive marketing.  They have an impressive client list including the company I work for, Toyota.  Their new AR product – The Webcam Social Shopper uses AR markers with motion capture to help the shopper “try-on” different clothing.  I […]

The Marketing Friction of Gimmicks

TweetDuring the next year, we’re going to see a host of new AR gimmicks and websites that will claim that AR has been used to improve their business.  In this post from webdistortion.com, the author claims that 8 AR marketing campaigns have been “used…to great effect.”  Unless the desired effect was to print out lots […]