Metaio’s Augmented Reality Worker Support

TweetMarkerless tracking has come a long way in the last year.  The downside of this system is the custom graphics for the visual manual.  It’s hard enough writing instructions for thousands of jobs in a production facility right now.  This system would need to be leveraged on mass market jobs like oil changes at Jiffy […]

Real Time Planar Detection on an iPhone

Tweet Not the snazziest of article titles but I couldn’t think of anything catchier.  That point brings me to the addendum topic of this blog post, which is the unsexy nature of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in the AR movement.  But first, let’s see what’s going on in the scene. W. Lee, Y. […]

Three Things We Can Learn From Disney

Tweet Last year at ISMAR09, the keynote speech from Mark Mine of the Disney Imagineering group, really intrigued me.   I had been a hardcore Disney hater before that, but Mark’s behinds-the-scenes look at the technology of Disney, specifically how they used augmented reality, softened my stance. Cue forward almost one year exactly, in a strange twist […]

Augmented Reality Scale Update (Reality Recognition)

TweetAbout a month ago, I proposed an augmented reality scale to help us define different applications of the technology.  While the post received good feedback, I felt that it could use more refinement.  This update will define the scaling between 1 and 10 for the Reality Recognition axis.  This will help others use it, as […]

Vampire Diaries Augmented Reality Storescapes

TweetThe last few months, we bloggers have decried the gimmicky nature of most augmented reality marketing campaigns.  Mostly, the problem lies in their clunky implementations of the technology.  Printing out markers and holding them up to the screen are as old as watching LOST or wearing Crocs.  Successful usage of the technology relies on the […]

Barriers to Greatness

Tweet Good product design is hard to create. Interacting with the product should be effortless, engaging and should stimulate the user to think, “What have I been doing all these years without this product?”  When products are created with the end-user in mind, then problems are solved without the user ever having to ask.  This should […]

Zugara Social Shopper

TweetZugara brings us the next installment of AR shopping.  The company is an advertising agency that uses interactive marketing.  They have an impressive client list including the company I work for, Toyota.  Their new AR product – The Webcam Social Shopper uses AR markers with motion capture to help the shopper “try-on” different clothing.  I […]