Augmented Reality Year in Review – 2010

TweetTwo years ago, in 2009, augmented reality took its first steps into mainstream consciousness.  This last year, 2010, we’ve seen augmented reality really expand into new formats and across spectra. Like I did last year, I’m going to review month-by-month the mishaps and happenings of augmented reality in 2010.  This year the task seems more imposing […]

More AR Magic from Marco Tempest

TweetAugmented reality is the technology of illusion.  So what better way to celebrate it than with our favorate augmented reality magician Marco Tempest.  He casts himself as the ‘virtual‘ magician.  I say we do our own trick and change that to the world’s best ‘augmented‘ magician. Marco will be attending the ARE2010 event, so if […]

10 Cool Things Going On Right Now in Augmented Reality

TweetAugmented reality has come a long way in a years time.  Last year I got excited by research projects and gimmicky AR webcam advertising, but that quickly faded on the tenth plus iteration.  It wasn’t until July that we starting having real AR products in the form of apps.  Nearly a year later and still […]

More Augmented Reality Magic with Marco Tempest

TweetMarco Tempest blew our collective augmented reality mind-space with his card trick video last spring.  This time he pulls back the curtain and shows a little bit of the technology behind his projection AR magic tricks on the streets of Japan.

The Augmented Reality Pop Quiz

TweetThink you know everything there is to know about augmented reality?  Well, prove it and take the augmented reality pop quiz.  If you’re proud of your score, post the results on twitter with the hashtag #arpopquiz or in the comment section if you don’t use Twitter.  Thanks to Rouli who helped me with some of the […]

Augmented Reality Magic Trick

TweetSo I know Jan covered this over at the Augmented Reality Blog, but I thought it was such a great video I wanted to show it and talk about it here.  First please watch the video because its a great piece of entertainment and it certain stretches the imagination of what is possible with AR. […]