A Window Into Anywhere

TweetAugmented reality isn’t just webcams and smartphones (or really weird haptic floors.)  Sometimes they’re windows into other places like this Winscape.  While the name is unimaginative and makes you think it’s a Microsoft product, the idea is spectacular (albeit for only one person.) Using an iPod, a Wii remote, and some other gadgetry (see this video for the […]

Total Immersion’s Ghost Hunting Experience

TweetMark Pine, the keynote speaker from Disney Imagineering at ISMAR09, gave the audience compelling reasons why truly interactive experiences are the future of entertainment and the one I remember most was: “It’s about connecting with the user.” Total Immersion has recently partnered with Hanwa Co. (Japan) to create a live action augmented reality video game […]

Playbox AR Fight Test

TweetSeeing this concept video made me sad that the Vuzix Wrap920 won’t see be see-through.   This is the type of kinetic AR gaming that I’d love to play even in this simple form.  I’m sure such games would evolve to make even LARP’ers cringe, fracturing down to thousands of strange fetishes played out in obscure games, […]