Augmented Reality App Review on AOTS

TweetI have a confession to make: I watch AOTS (Attack of the Show) almost every day and not just for Olivia Munn.  If you’re a hardcore gadget and game nerd like myself, this show is crack.  Though I was excited to see them discuss augmented reality for the first time, I thought they could have picked […]

Junaio Opens its API to Developers

TweetPress Release Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,Peter Meier, our CTO, officially announced the opening of junaio’s API to developers at the AR Development Camp last Saturday. Starting today, developers can use the new interface and build their own applications that interact with the junaio platform.    For more information, please refer to the press release attached. […]

My Experiences with Junaio

TweetLast week I downloaded Junaio the new 3D augmented reality app from Metaio on my wife’s 3G iPhone.  Unfortunately, its not the newer iPhone so I couldn’t test the full capabilities of the app, but its nice that I can use the older model.  When I explained that the app, “added 3D models into pictures […]

Metaio, Inc. Will Launch Its Mobile Augmented Reality Platform Junaio on November 2nd

TweetPRESS INFORMATION Metaio, Inc. Will Launch Its Mobile Augmented Reality Platform Junaio   On November 2nd San Francisco, September 18th 2009 – Today, metaio officially announced the launch date of junaio, its mobile augmented reality platform. On November 2nd, the leading company in augmented reality will release a first version exclusively for the iPhone. More […]