What I Want For Augmented Reality in 2010

TweetI was going to expand on my predictions that Rouli had posted on Games Alfresco because, frankly, they were pretty lame (mine and not the other nine, those were good.)  But decided that there have been enough predictions for 2010.  So instead, I want to go over the things I want to happen in 2010 […]

Augmented Reality Year in Review – 2009

TweetThe year 2009 has been an important milestone in the development of augmented reality as an important future technology.  While markers and marketing campaigns captured the early interest of the year, the bigger story was the porting of augmented reality to the various smartphones in the second half.  But those two generalities aren’t the only thing […]

Digital Airbrushing with Spatial Augmented Reality

TweetI’m not sure how I missed this at ISMAR09, but wow, I’m impressed.  Michael has clearly thought about the user experience and how to make the technology seemless with reality.  I’m not entirely sure the eventual application, but I want to paint my Coralla with AR flame effects with it right now.  This is the video […]

Time Travel with Augmented Reality

TweetAugmented reality can help us see back in time, making history come alive. The presentation at ISMAR from the Beijing Instituite of Technology showed how they could use AR to reconstruct the Yuanmingyuan, or “Garden of All Gardens” without damaging the current appearance of the ruins.  The Yuanmingyuan was burnt down by Anglo-French forces in […]

A Few ISMAR09 Demos

TweetThere’s so much for me to talk about from ISMAR09 and I was only there for half of the conference.  I have a half-dozen more posts sketched out for the next couple of weeks.  I did get to attend the demo night on Monday which showcased the real hands-on applications of augmented reality.  Gail Carmichael posted up […]

ISMAR09 HMD Review

TweetThe biggest barrier to true augmented vision is an HMD that can handle all the requirements.  I had the oppertunity to experience what Microvision, Vuzix and ORALab/EvoOpticks had to offer.  I’ll try to relate their talks and my experiences with their products and let you know if any of them have achieved augmented vision.  Microvision – […]