The Augmented Reality Pop Quiz

TweetThink you know everything there is to know about augmented reality?  Well, prove it and take the augmented reality pop quiz.  If you’re proud of your score, post the results on twitter with the hashtag #arpopquiz or in the comment section if you don’t use Twitter.  Thanks to Rouli who helped me with some of the […]

25 Things I Learned At ISMAR09

TweetInspired by Joe’s “50 Things I Learned at ISMAR“, I’m going to take a crack at 25 things since I was only there for half the conferance.  1. Participation in ISMAR doubled from 2008 to 2009. 2. In the next six months it’s important that a few AR companies have success so funding will flow […]

ISMAR09 HMD Review

TweetThe biggest barrier to true augmented vision is an HMD that can handle all the requirements.  I had the oppertunity to experience what Microvision, Vuzix and ORALab/EvoOpticks had to offer.  I’ll try to relate their talks and my experiences with their products and let you know if any of them have achieved augmented vision.  Microvision – […]

ISMAR09 Day One

TweetToday marks the first day of ISMAR09 which has been the Workshop Day.  I participated in the Industry Workshop which was chaired by Noora Guldemond from Metaio.  I’m not going to go into a ton of detail today because there’s not much time until the next event, but the presentations and discussions were excellent.  The […]

ACME – One Piece of an Augmented World

TweetThe augmented world will exist as a shadow to the real one.  Rouli from the Augmented Times posted on Friday about the ACME project (Augmented Collaboration in a Mixed Environment.)  Leave it to a group of researchers to suck the life from a wonderful tool by giving it such a drab name as ACME.  And I […]

Past ISMAR Videos

TweetISMAR09 is less than a month away and I’m getting excited about attending (though I wish I could be there for the full week.)  This year’s conference looks to be the best one yet.  While the industry is gazing longingly to the future, there’s still a lot to learn from past ISMAR conferences.  The conference organizers […]

X-Ray Vision Utilizing Surveillance Cameras

TweetIn comic books, Superman had all his powers naturally and Batman got his through gadgets and sheer force-of-will.  Using the equipment (altogether not very portable for superheros) shown in the video, you can have Superman-like powers with Batman-like gear.  This amazingly cool gadget comes from Yoshinari Kameda, Taisuke Takemasa and Yuichi Ohta from the University […]

Augmenting Aerial Earth Maps With Dynamic Information

TweetThe Georgia Instituite of Technology will be presenting at ISMAR09 on “Augmenting Aerial Maps with Dynamic Information from Videos.”  They have released a video and a website on their project.  Their stated their goals are: Abstract We introduce methods for augmenting aerial visualizations of Earth (from tools such as Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth) […]

ISMAR09: Manufacturing Discussion

Tweet ISMAR09 Sympsium & Expo is right around the corner and I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be not only attending ISMAR09, but I will be presenting during the Manufacturing section on Monday and joining the panel discussion as a representative of Toyota.  I’ll be reviewing the possibilities of augmented reality in an industrial setting, including a project that […]

UgoTrade Interview with Thomas Wrobel

TweetYesterday UgoTrade posted a discussion of Thomas Wrobel’s proposal called, “Everything Everywhere: A proposal for an Augmented Reality Network system based on existing protocols and infrastructure.”  If you’ve been following along recent AR debates , you’ll know that Thomas is a frequent contributor to the discussion under his moniker – Darkflame.  Thomas has been offering […]