Ori Inbar’s AR Presentation

TweetWhen I first started this blog a month ago, I was apprehensive if there would be enough material to write about in regards to augmented reality.  I thought I might be able to squeeze out a post twice a week, if I worked at it.  Lately, its all I can do to not post everyday, […]

Freedoms and the 5th Amendment

TweetOn his website, Luigi Cappel has a nice post about the effect of digital information on our freedoms.  I agree with a lot of the things he says on his site, but I would also add we not only have to worry about the government, but also corporations and each other.  The ease at which digital […]

Contest: Machines That Know

TweetA few weeks ago I made a post about Machines That Know.  Then I made a couple of follow up posts about the good and bad aspects of these technologies working in concert.  I think it is important for society to think ahead to the problems our innovative technologies are going to create, so we can design solutions […]

Machines That Know: 10 Bad Things

TweetToday I’m going to take a look at the flip side of “Machines That Know“.  What are the bad unintended consequences of having machines that can recognize objects, people and emotions? The assumptions for the technology will be the same as the “10 Good Things“.   First, cameras are ubiquitous in public areas (roads, malls, businesses, schools, […]

Pew Internet Study

TweetBack in December, the Pew Internet & American Life project penned a study called the Future of the Internet III.  There are a number of items that won’t surprise you from the study: cell phones will be the primary access to the Internet worldwide (dur, iPhone), copyright technology will still be a battle between the corporations […]