Watson Will Make Us Superhumans

TweetThe continued advance of computer intelligence, riding the rails of Moore’s Law, have made events like IBM’s Watson win over two champions on Jeopardy inevitable.  While thoughts of the Singularity, a future in which we cannot predict because computers will out-innovate humans, are fascinating to consider, I prefer a human centered future.  And augmented reality has a large place in […]

The Myth of Creativity

TweetPerhaps I should title this post, The Myth of the Muse, because that’s really what I’m going to talk about.   As a writer, a blogger, or as an engineer, I am on occasion asked how I come up with my ideas.  The questioner usually prefaces my answer by stating that it is probably: my […]

Maxcware AR Glasses Project

TweetA few months ago Staffan Dryselius made a splash on Team Hack-a-Day with his DIY data glasses.  Since then he’s been working with a team to improve his design and would like to form a larger partnership with anyone interested in working on or owning a pair of AR glasses.  Having a working HMD for augmented […]

Augmented Reality Car System

TweetMobile computing devices are wonderful for bringing the world of information to our fingertips anywhere we go.  Hurtling down the highway in one ton vehicles while trying to access our maps or find directions is not the safest way to drive.  This video shows an augmented reality street view using a Windows 7 notebook, Royaltek […]

10 Games That Could Be Made with Layar 3.0

TweetThe new Layar 3.0release brings more functionality to the reality browser.  To help people envision what the service can do, Layar touts five new use-cases: Five Layar 3.0 Use-Cases 1) Architecture Showcase – Visualize the final building at a construction site. 2) Storytelling: Beatles Tour – A visual tour of forty-three locations in London involving […]

25 Things I Learned At ISMAR09

TweetInspired by Joe’s “50 Things I Learned at ISMAR“, I’m going to take a crack at 25 things since I was only there for half the conferance.  1. Participation in ISMAR doubled from 2008 to 2009. 2. In the next six months it’s important that a few AR companies have success so funding will flow […]

ISMAR09 HMD Review

TweetThe biggest barrier to true augmented vision is an HMD that can handle all the requirements.  I had the oppertunity to experience what Microvision, Vuzix and ORALab/EvoOpticks had to offer.  I’ll try to relate their talks and my experiences with their products and let you know if any of them have achieved augmented vision.  Microvision – […]

YDreams: Flyar Birdies Bring Tweets to Your PC

TweetYDreams, a Portuguese information technology company, has been quiet in the augmented reality news lately, but remedy that with their release of an AR twitter product called Flyar for your PC.    What is Flyar? Flyar is a free Twitter visualization application that uses Augmented Reality and gesture interaction. You can set it as your screensaver or […]

The Zerkin Glove – Touching the Future, Now

TweetWith all the buzz about multiple AR news announcements (ARML, Layar 3D, Vuzix contest),  Noah Zerkin’s glove/tracking project got lost.  Hopefully I can shed some much deserved light on what this one-man show is doing. Noah has been working on an interactive glove that could be used as an augmented reality interface since early this year.  […]

Augmented Reality Helps Art Meet Life

TweetThis augmented reality video from Najork has clearly been modified post-production, however, it really gives a sense of the possible.  When the tools to do this easily become available some artists might abandon real materials and instead build their art installations out of imagination and the colored lights reflected on our eyes.  Combine these free-flowing […]