TweetI’m typing this post on my kids computer since my motherboard crashed on mine.  I had some more in-depth posts planned, but until I can get my computer up and running (new MB is currently installed and now partitioning the hard drive), I’m just going to throw out some interesting links.  Hopefully tomorow I can […]

Creating the Cloud

TweetRouli and Ori have been churning great content faster than I can read it all.  The first is an expansive look at the various industries that might be revolutionized by AR.  The second is an interview with Ori Inbar from the UgoTrade.com site.  The interview is pretty long, and hits a lot of great points about […]

The AR Hub

TweetWhile I’ve only recently joined the AR conversation, Ori at Games Alfresco, and Rouli at Augmented Times, have been promoting AR for the last year.  Rouli announced this week they will be combining forces to help create a central clearinghouse for AR information.  And I for one welcome our new AR overlords.  Seriously, I think this […]