StoryBundle – Light in the Dark YA Bundle

TweetOver my career, I’ve written in many genres but Young Adult is my favorite.  It’s also my favorite to read going all the way back to The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  Some of my favorites are The Uglies Trilogy and the Hunger Games.  So I was excited to be invited to a YA themed bundle. […]

New Release — Trilogy Bundles

TweetIn honor of the holidays…really?  Nah.  How about just: it seemed like another cool way for readers to find me. The nice thing about bundles is you get the whole package, all-in-one.  No searching for the next book, or wondering if the series is done.  For the Gamers and Digital Sea trilogies, that’s it.  All […]

Gamers – Now Available in Paperback

Tweet For those of you without an eReader, GAMERS, the first book of the Gamers trilogy,  is now available as a paperback.  If you’re a fan of Scott Westerfeld (Uglies Trilogy) or Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games Trilogy) then I’ve been told by the early readers that you will enjoy this YA novel.  For you parents, it’s […]

Gamers – Now Available

Tweet                         Augmented reality has the potential to bring digital artifices to the real world.  AR gurus constantly speak of geo-location, intuitive search, the Internet of Things and other such high concepts.  Digital natives squeeze efficient behavior out of a chaotic world, using their […]