Audible Audiobook Giveaway

Tweet From time to time, Audible supports its authors by giving us a handful of free audiobooks to giveaway to our readers.  This is one of those times. I have a number of audiobooks to giveaway including The Godhead Machine.               If you’d like a free audiobook, please comment […]

Conservation Through Digitization

TweetIn my recently released novel The Digital Sea, the Ecoverse corporation is the Google-sized behemoth (or should I say Facebook since it’s 2011) that controls the networks and software that make up the ubiquitous augmented world.  The company motto is Conservation through Digitization.  Meaning that users, by utilizing a digital world overlain the real one, save the environment. […]

Facebook 3D Movie Maker Contest

TweetAR door has teamed up with LG Electronics to create the Facebook 3D Movie Maker Contest. Through advanced features LG 3D Moviemaker is pushing the boundaries of reality.  Trendsetting technologies bring the immersive 3D experience where instead of just watching scenes you can actually be part of them. The contest allows you to become the […]

Designing for an Augmented Reality World

TweetThomas Purves brings us a nice presentation on augmented reality.  Some thought provoking material and I like the line:  “In the new augmented reality, the web surfes you.” Designing for an Augmented Reality world View more presentations from thomas.purves. I might add more comments later, but right now I’m busy conserving all my energy in […]

The Human User Interface

TweetA user interface, or UI, allows the user to control a system.  In the case of augmented reality, the tool we wish to control is the computer.  Much has been said about the four T’s of control – touch, type, talk and think; but I want to explore the information presented in the UI.  The […]

More Twitter + AR

TweetIn this post, I showed you a neat application of twitter and augmented reality from Pek Pongpaet.  Squidder has upped the ante by adding facial reckognition to his version of “twitter + augmented reality.” Facial recognition meets Twitter (kind of) from squidder on Vimeo. Once again, the combination of technologies has created something new and interesting.  […]