The Path to Augmented Vision

TweetAugmented Vision will be available in 2015. Am I prophetic?  Delusional?  Or merely guessing?  How does an deluded prophetic hand-waving guess sound? The reality is the development of complex systems like Augmented Vision will take something more than putting the various technologies together.  AV will require a change in the zeitgeist similar to the iPhone.  […]

Designing for an Augmented Reality World

TweetThomas Purves brings us a nice presentation on augmented reality.  Some thought provoking material and I like the line:  “In the new augmented reality, the web surfes you.” Designing for an Augmented Reality world View more presentations from thomas.purves. I might add more comments later, but right now I’m busy conserving all my energy in […]

More Philosophy for Entrepreneurs

TweetTim Ferriss on his popular Four Hour Work Week blog, had an interested guest post about the practical use of philosophy in business from Ryan Holiday.  Ryan focuses on the branch of philosophy called Stoicism.  I’m not going to further dissect his excellent analysis and application of the philosophy, but I would like to challenge his assertion that […]