The SF&F Binge Reader Bundle

TweetThe Digital Sea Bundle is one of ten collections in the SF&F Binge Reader Bundle on StoryBundle.  This is a crazy good deal as you’ll get 19 novels and countless short stories, but it’s only available for a few weeks, so get it while you can. The bundles also form mini bundles of their own. […]

Escape to New Worlds

TweetWe all need a break from the daily grind of work, family, and politics.  The Escapist Bundle on Storybundle has arrived just in time to satisfy that need!  There’s a wealth of great fiction in a variety of genres from multiple award-winning authors.  I’m a fan of every author in the bundle and you should […]

Reviews for The Digital Sea

TweetSince the publication of The Digital Sea back in January, I’ve been rather busy.  I finished the first draft of my alt-history novel The Fires of Alexandria, gotten my YA speculative fiction novel Gamers ready for publication (hopefully to be released in a week) and started on book two for The Digital Sea trilogy – […]

A Fantastic Week in Oregon

TweetWhew. Today I’m an exhausted but happy writer.  Last week I had the pleasure of being involved with two Dean & Kris workshops on the Oregon coast.  The atmosphere, learning and people were fantastic. The week was nothing short of mind-blowing and I was honored to be a part of that group for a week of […]

A World Without Gatekeepers

TweetIt used to be that every industry had its gatekeepers. Music had the fat guys with cigars that Pink Floyd loved to sing about.  Factories had foreman that slapped each other on the back.  Corporations had bosses that controlled resources.  Political parties had precinct captains and party leaders.  And for the last decade, publishing has had […]

The Practice of Failure

Tweet Failure can often be a predictor of future success.  It’s known that a bank is more willing to give a loan to a business person that has previously failed with another business than one right out of the gate (assuming similarly chanced business plans.)  Thomas Edison was said to have failed at the light bulb around […]

The Benefits of Dogged Persistance

TweetI finished reading the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell today.  One theme from the book was the idea that 10,000 hours of meaningful work within a skill set will make you an expert.  A brief example from the book is a comparison of three groups of violinists at Berlin’s elite Academy of Music.  The first […]