*Sigh* Two More AR Business Cards

TweetI feel like Jerry Seinfeld stressing over minute flaws in my dates like man-hands or low-talking.  I shouldn’t complain right?  I did ask for an AR business card.  I was just hoping for one I could show at a business meeting with my smartphone.  That’s all. (Technically, I’m not sure this second one even intends to […]

Another Augmented Reality Business Card

TweetSo it’s another augmented reality business card.  This time from the company Genuine Interactive.  The use of a 3D video landscape within the augment is cute, but there’s one major flaw with this application.  It requires the use of a PC.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for the AR business card.  I even requested one.  […]

Around the ARNet

TweetTop news around the augmented reality sites seems to be about the iPhone 3.1 release in September and how it will allow for AR apps.  Will be interesting to see how this changes some business plans. Before that all the talk was about the augmented reality business card from James Alliban.  Jonas from Toxin was […]