Gamers – Now Available

Tweet                         Augmented reality has the potential to bring digital artifices to the real world.  AR gurus constantly speak of geo-location, intuitive search, the Internet of Things and other such high concepts.  Digital natives squeeze efficient behavior out of a chaotic world, using their […]

Anthology Announcement – Mirror Shards: Exploring the Edges of Augmented Reality

Tweet                         I’m excited to announce that I will be producing and editing an anthology about augmented reality this fall through my publisher Black Moon Books.  The anthology will be pay up to professional rates and be released in September of 2011.  The title […]

The Digital Sea – Now Available

TweetI’d always thought that writing the novel was the longest part of the publishing process.  Little did I know that publishing it would take about five times as long as writing it.  Still, good things come to those who wait, and I’m proud to announce the digital release of my novel The Digital Sea. For […]