Augmented Vision Getting Nearer

TweetA couple of years ago, when practically no one knew what augmented reality was, I put together a prediction about the future of augmented vision.  A recent development from the leader in augmented vision, Vuzix, made me realize my prediction might not be far off. Engadget recently reported about the state of Vuzix’s AR vision […]

ISMAR09 HMD Review

TweetThe biggest barrier to true augmented vision is an HMD that can handle all the requirements.  I had the oppertunity to experience what Microvision, Vuzix and ORALab/EvoOpticks had to offer.  I’ll try to relate their talks and my experiences with their products and let you know if any of them have achieved augmented vision.  Microvision – […]

Augmented Vision Demo in Dead Space

TweetWhile we’re years away from achieving augmented vision, the game Dead Space gives us a nice preview of some of the features that would be available.  In the game, the HUI (Human User Interface) is explained as a holograph, but the concept would work the same as using augmented vision.  The game was released in […]