TweetReality is perception.  Perception is made from the sum of our experiences filtered through our current bodily state.  Augmented reality can change perception by showing you a different world than the one expected.  Yes, we can gorge ourselves on Disney escapes or fetish porn, but Michael Harboun takes us on a journey to the transcendent side of […]

Gamers – Now Available in Paperback

Tweet For those of you without an eReader, GAMERS, the first book of the Gamers trilogy,  is now available as a paperback.  If you’re a fan of Scott Westerfeld (Uglies Trilogy) or Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games Trilogy) then I’ve been told by the early readers that you will enjoy this YA novel.  For you parents, it’s […]

New Short Story – The Maestro

TweetI’m pleased to release another short story for your enjoyment.  The Maestro was written a few years ago as a “starter” story for a novel that I was contemplating about aliens and augmented reality.  The novel, Ghost and the Nether, will be released sometime this summer or fall (depending on my other projects.) The Maestro […]

Gamers – Now Available

Tweet                         Augmented reality has the potential to bring digital artifices to the real world.  AR gurus constantly speak of geo-location, intuitive search, the Internet of Things and other such high concepts.  Digital natives squeeze efficient behavior out of a chaotic world, using their […]

New Story – The Cageless Zoo

TweetWriters are like mothers.  They claim that they love each of their children the same, except they really have a secret favorite they love slightly more than the rest.  While I love all my stories, this story, The Cageless Zoo, is the one secretly give extra treats to when the others aren’t looking. You can […]

Reviews for The Digital Sea

TweetSince the publication of The Digital Sea back in January, I’ve been rather busy.  I finished the first draft of my alt-history novel The Fires of Alexandria, gotten my YA speculative fiction novel Gamers ready for publication (hopefully to be released in a week) and started on book two for The Digital Sea trilogy – […]

Bruce Sterling Is Wrong About Augmented Reality

TweetBruce Sterling is wrong about Augmented Reality. First off, I want to express that I have the utmost respect for Bruce Sterling as both a writer and a visionary.  As a longtime fan of cyberpunk and science fiction in general, Bruce has been a part of the pantheon of authors I regularly visit.  And as […]

Kitty Wear – Augmented Ears

TweetThe product is called nicomimi and its made by Neurowear, but it’s probably better named Kitty Wear or something of the sort.  Nicomimi are the post-millennium version of the mood ring and just cool enough to cross-over from the furry crowd. “Neurowear” is the name of our project to develop fashion items and gadgets using brain […]

Free Fall

TweetAs the polygon counts increase, so will the disturbing nature of the in-your-face AR installations.  What’s the AR version of throwing pig blood on a person wearing a fur coat? FREE FALL is a multi-site installation art piece using Augmented Reality. it is currently installed at the bank headquarters of the top ten recipients of TARP funds. […]

A Short AR Movie: Réalité Augmentée

TweetSome of you might have seen this on Games Alfresco or Bruce Sterling’s Beyond the Beyond, but I thought it was worth a mention here.  Réalité Augmentée is a short low-budget movie about a haunted AR phone, or the dangers of technology, or it’s as Rouli suggests–a modern techno-fairytale.  Watch and decide for yourself.  The […]