One Crazy Week

TweetWriting is a slow, sedentary process that has more in common with watching grass grow, or paint dry.  There might be a lot going on in my head, but the physical act stays the same and sometimes it can feel like Groundhog Day.  The publishing process has similar traits.  While people buy my books on […]

Audible Audiobook Giveaway

Tweet From time to time, Audible supports its authors by giving us a handful of free audiobooks to giveaway to our readers.  This is one of those times. I have a number of audiobooks to giveaway including The Godhead Machine.               If you’d like a free audiobook, please comment […]

Five “Heron of Alexandria”Stories

TweetAfter I finished the first book in the Alexandrian Saga – Fires of Alexandria, I had a neat little idea: to write short prequel stories about Heron solving crimes and mysteries around the city. The idea wasn’t such a stretch.  In each book, Heron is tasked with (or takes on) a major mystery that has […]

New Audiobook — The Godhead Machine

TweetOne of the truly fun parts about audiobooks is getting to listen to your own novel read back to you by another person.  Karen Savage did another fantastic job with The Godhead Machine.  At times, I got so enthralled with her reading (even though I knew what was going to happen!) that I forgot to […]

New Audiobook — The Digital Sea

TweetWhew!  Another audiobook by yours truly just hit Audible.  I’d like to say that I’m worn out, but the talented Karen Savage did all the hard work narrating The Digital Sea.  And I can say – without a doubt – she did a fantastic job getting all the voices right.  I knew this series would […]

Gamers Audiobook – Now Available

TweetThe audiobook for Gamers has been up on Audible for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve been patiently sitting on my hands waiting for it to show up on iTunes and Amazon before making the announcement.  After a linkage snafu with Amazon that ACX got fixed pretty quickly, the audiobook links are now live. […]

The Cageless Zoo – Now in Audiobook

TweetI’m more than pleased to announce my Kindle best-selling novelette The Cageless Zoo is now available in audiobook.  The ultra-talented Arielle DeLisle was the narrator and audio producer.  If you enjoy easy-to-access science fiction with a twist of light horror, then give this story a listen. Visiting the galaxy’s only Cageless Zoo should be a special treat […]