Free Fall

TweetAs the polygon counts increase, so will the disturbing nature of the in-your-face AR installations.  What’s the AR version of throwing pig blood on a person wearing a fur coat? FREE FALL is a multi-site installation art piece using Augmented Reality. it is currently installed at the bank headquarters of the top ten recipients of TARP funds. […]

Invisible Scuplture

TweetA little real-time camera trickery and some augmented reality, and wa-la…invisible cube. A camera fixed on the concrete cube sculpture recognizes the presence of human faces within its scope. With a randomized choice it will focus on one of the bystanders and adjust its movement to his; tracking the eye movements of the viewer, a […]

The Augmented Reality Ballet

Tweet The Ballet Font Project combines ballet with augmented reality.  I assume they’ll have big screens showing the combined real time dance with the foot drawn fonts.  The project is a rare cross breed between geekdom and high-end culture. Used watch batteries and infrared LEDs to create a 2D motion tracking system. We taped these little devices to […]

What the Movie Avatar Can Teach Augmented Reality

TweetThe biggest news about the movie Avatar has been the 3D experience and the way its blown the doors off the previous records. The movie has garnered huge success because it pushed the boundaries of technology and told an interesting story. I loved the movie and the way 3D helped give more perspective to the enviroment. […]

10 Games That Could Be Made with Layar 3.0

TweetThe new Layar 3.0release brings more functionality to the reality browser.  To help people envision what the service can do, Layar touts five new use-cases: Five Layar 3.0 Use-Cases 1) Architecture Showcase – Visualize the final building at a construction site. 2) Storytelling: Beatles Tour – A visual tour of forty-three locations in London involving […]

Interactive Entertainment using Augmented Reality

TweetThe use of augmented reality in our daily lives is still a few years away.  The technology and business model hasn’t yet reached the point where it’s cheap enough for the masses. The entertainment business is a different story as they’ve been using augmented reality for some time now.  My eyes were opened during the keynote […]

Digital Airbrushing with Spatial Augmented Reality

TweetI’m not sure how I missed this at ISMAR09, but wow, I’m impressed.  Michael has clearly thought about the user experience and how to make the technology seemless with reality.  I’m not entirely sure the eventual application, but I want to paint my Coralla with AR flame effects with it right now.  This is the video […]

Augmented Reality Ribbons

TweetLast spring, James Alliban created a sensation with his AR business card.  This time he brings us a less practical, but more interesting video of AR ribbons. Here I’ve combined 2 reoccurring themes that run throughout my work – Augmented Reality and ribbons. It is an evolution of the particle trails code from AR Particle […]